Method: Download and fill out the application form, sent to a fax or E-MAIL to Golden Precious or submit an application form at the customer service center

Withdrawal Click here to download

Time: Withdrawal requests we receive withdrawal application is usually completed within a day

Note: Golden Precious does not give money to third-party payment, the client's deposit will be paid to the account holder's name the same account
Any withdrawal applications involving international transfers (including China), Customer shall bear all bank charges
To avoid delay withdrawals before submitting your withdrawal instructions, make sure to register the correct bank account information in detail (such as a bank full address)
The designated account currency is the dollar, the withdrawal of other currencies, refer to the Company are announced daily market exchange rate for the conversion,
For details, please refer to our notice "reference rate"
Please note that the withdrawal application will be submitted by 5 pm the next business day after treatment,
Since Saturday, Sunday and holidays banks do not work, so on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays do not apply for the payment formalities relating to withdrawal application will be processed the next working day