Policy Statement

Interest Policy:
  • Interest = Contract Unit * number of contracts * Opening Price * rate * days / 360
  • positions when calculating the cost (interest), we are based on the current international situation and the investment in precious metals APR.
    APR of precious metals trading and general negative three percent.
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  • For example: If the current market price of gold was $ 1214.92 sell / ounce, investors in this price range do a standard contract (100 ounces) of an empty one, the company was an empty one gold is -2% per annum, then the day of positions overnight interest payment is required:
    Overnight Interest = 100 ounces * 1 * $ 1,214.76 / oz * 0.02 / 360 = $ 6.74867
  • Note: Every Friday, the day of positions overnight interest will be Saturday and Sunday two days of interest into account, it is the usual three times.

Margin requirements:
  • open new positions USD$ 1,000 dollars / Per lot (London gold); USD $ 3,000 / Per lot (London silver);
  • usually less than 10% basic margin, with the first single to be strong approach level until sufficient funds so far.
    Example: Suppose today Thursday, on Wednesday, opening a new 5 lots of London gold more than a single week, a one hand opening a new London gold more than a single bond totaling $ 6,000, less than the amount of real memory if the current account $ 600 (10%), will first open a single advanced field goes, the first Wednesday's order of the London gold will force to close.
    Note: If the market too quickly, may not be able to perform at less than 10% immediately strong level, which may occur after the liquidation amount of existential ≤10%, the customer is necessary to understand this beyond the control of the Company.
  • On every Friday if you leave for the overnight deposit of $ 2,000 (London gold), $ 5,000 (London silver), such as insufficient on Friday and leave the required net margin account, the Company will be the closing the position for the customer to reduce positions until the account has sufficient net worth clients of the deposit over the market.
    Example: Suppose today Thursday, on Wednesday, opening a new 5 lots of London gold more than a single week, a one hand opening a new London gold more than a single bond totaling $ 12,000, less than the amount of real memory if the current account $ 12,000, will first open a single advanced field goes, is the first Wednesday of the hands of the London gold will be force to close
  • less than 100% in the required margin, the margin back under the red status bar prompts, customers can only do open treatment (partial or total), the system will not accept new orders.
  • customer margin required when less than 100%, as customers turn on Lock, the customer must be clear, the margin back to the prompt box still under red state, the system will no longer accept Lock.
    Note: Customers please note that if the customer can not successfully solution trading positions in the above case, please contact Customer Service.

Fast Market Policy:
  • In the market, sometimes price volatility, a condition called "fast market." Fast market may be caused by a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, changes in economic data related to major news and orders imbalances, namely a disc (such as buying) than another disk (such as selling).
  • In the fast moving market, gold price volatility is great, prices are likely to appear upward, the spread will increase. When the gold price from the last bid / ask price soaring or diving into a new offer, but do not press any price quote between these trading, this situation is called the price upward. For example, spot gold Bid / Ask price may rose from 1230.05-1230.55 1230.90-1231.40, and there is no trading in any price between these quotes, directly start trading in 1230.90-1231.40 price. In this case, if the market has been trading at designated prices, then stop and limit orders executed according to a specified price, or the market price by the next execution, regardless of how much every single trading volume. Such orders will be executed automatically. This policy aims to ensure consistency and transparency of trade execution, regardless of order size, are one of the treatment.
  • According to dealers (including dealers on the interbank market) standard industry practice, in fast moving markets and prices upward during the usually manually set market standards and execution orders. During the market's typical snap process is as follows:
    1, First, central banks and other major online price providers will stop all direct transactions, the system will suspend its pricing
    2 , Traders will analyze market conditions, determine the correct price
    3 , Will expand the market spreads
    4 , As more traders approach, narrowing the difference between the market price
  • In this case, there may be a longer delay trade execution, and the prices were cross-referenced to ensure effective implementation. Therefore, the order does not specify the price of fixed-price guarantee counterparties.
  • Like all dealers, fast moving market during follow industry standard practices. If customers decide Golden during fast market transactions, the resulting loss of their account by the customer shall own, trading as usual. Whether normal market or fast market, Golden bear the same responsibility for interbank counterparties. For fast moving market, high market volatility, electronic service interruptions, service delays, error information (IE, quotes, news services) service providers and / or error information provided by the customer (IE customer data, update data) caused by any loss, Golden Precious not responsible.