Platform Introduction

Golden Precious is proud to introduce a new G Trader (MT4) trading platform to our customers. Now, you enjoy Golden consistently excellent trade execution and service, while more experience of the new trading system to increase intelligence G Trader (MT4) simple user interface.
Use Golden's G Trader (MT4) trading platform, traders can build their own trading strategies on the platform of the wisdom of trading systems and can repeatedly test these trading strategies.
Golden Precious clients for their own traders trading pattern provides immediate functional and technical analysis. Trader trading platform provides powerful features, including a variety of trade execution capabilities, unlimited charts, technical indicators and a lot of curves, custom indicators and scripts.

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We offer efficient engine provides you instant quotes and fixed spreads
Build and test their trading strategies trading patterns
Multiple trade execution options
Powerful Charting
Now available in our stable, fast and efficient G Trader (MT4) trading platform to trade gold and silver above

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» System configuration and requirements

CPU: 1Ghz processing speed or higher
Memory: not less than 256MB
Internet: 56Kbps or higher
Browser: IE 6.0 or later versions.
Operating System: Windows 2000 Windows XP