Trading Software Download - Mobile Platform

MetaTrader4 Mobile is the leading mobile trading platform, which combines the functions of a computer version of MetaTrader4, you can phone to manage and view your account information, a quote or browse the transaction. Simply enter your account number and password to login to use after downloading. Experience MT4 mobile version brings powerful, and seize every trading opportunities.

Features and functions:
• View charts, view real-time quotes for all products;
• Conduct market orders, pending orders, modifying orders or delete pending orders;
• View and manage open positions, view the net worth, earnings and margin levels;
• View transaction history and details.
The platform now supports iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Please get your mobile phone according to the type of trading platform guide:

1. Browse the iPhone App Store 1. within the search MetaTrader4. Click to download the installation can be used.

2. or use this QR CODE directly into the App Store

3. After installation, search server Gtrader - G Trader Server and your account number and password to login
Android users can install the application in the following ways:

1. through Google Play
Open and browse your phone's Google Play, search MetaTrader4, click the Install button to automatically install to your phone

2. barcode scanning
Scan the following bar code (bar code scanning software which are free, such as Barcode Scanner, Google Goggles or fast beat two-dimensional code, etc.). After the scan, click the link to download .apk file to your phone. Then, according to the instructions to install the files on your Android phone .apk displayed to complete the installation.

3. by computer or mobile phone desktop management software
Before using .apk speed manual installation, you must let your phone to allow installation of applications from unknown sources: Menu -> Settings -> Applications, and then check the "Unknown sources" or "unknown sources." Then click here to download the tail code named .apk installation file to your computer desktop. (1) connect the phone via USB to your computer, open the SD card, will .apk file copied to the SD card root directory, then select .apk files on the phone through the phone file manager installed. (2) connect the phone via USB to your computer, using the phone's desktop management software, will .apk files installed to your phone.

4. After installation, search server Gtrader - G Trader Server and password to login