Company Profile

Golden Precious Metals Limited Always adhere to the highest standards and business practices, and adhere to strict financial reporting system. We provide a full range of precious metals such as gold, silver and precious metals. We also provide investment management, investment advisory and fund consultancy services. The core team members are engaged in precious metals and non-ferrous metals spot, futures and options around the professional.

In order to allow customers at the lowest cost ideally convenient trading tools, we strive to continually improve the trading system trading technology and high quality backup management system that provides a global network of trading services for global investors. Achieve a comprehensive online 24 hours of uninterrupted, high-speed and stable trading, customers in addition to real-time trading platform through the outside, but also relies on a powerful platform to achieve a variety of trade facilitation functions. In addition to providing these integrated finance and investment management services, we offer the precious metals, the information also provide strong support for our customers, help clients abreast of the latest market conditions and predict market movements. User-friendly trading platform, market information around the clock, friendly and efficient service, all of our long-term customer service guarantee. Although user transactions are complex financial products, but we will gradually guide the user to the simplest and most transparent way to complete the transaction. Enabling customers wherever, can grasp every minute timely market information and investment trends to make timely investment decisions. We strive to ensure that no direct relationship with all trading activities (such as: deposits and withdrawals) are carried out under the loose transparent environment, allowing you to continue the task at hand, the successful completion of the transaction!