U.S. Nonfarm Payroll Limit Order Setting Arrangement

Dear customers,due to the release of non-agricultural employment data (Nonfarm Payroll) on October 4, 2019 (Friday), the data may affect the abnormal fluctuation of market financial product prices. The non-agricultural data trading conditions and rules are as follows:

1.5:00 am to 19:00 Beijing time >>> Only accept the market price XAUUSD: US$5.00 ($5 USD) / XAGUSD: US$0.50 ($0.5 USD) gap limit and stop order pending order setting

2.After 19:00 Beijing time>>> Only accept the price of XAUUSD: US$15.00 ($15)/XAGUSD: US$1.50 ($1.5) or above of limit order set, at the same time, the system will delete All "Stop Stopped" orders (SellStop, BuyStop) and does not accept stop orders (SellStop, BuyStop)
3.Beijing time 20:15 >>> The system will no accept any limit orders until data released & market prices become stable

The client needs to pay attention to the margin requirements of your account in order to avoid market volatility resulting in insufficient funds. The purpose of the above arrangement is to reduce the risk arising from fluctuations in the market of customers. For any enquiries, please contact your agent.

Thanks your kind attention!