Gold and silver go up! Pfizer vaccine to slow the strain of the United States stock turbulence again raised risk aversion

FX168 Financial News (Hong Kong) - Silver rallied sharply amid turbulence on the US stock market as investors shifted their focus back to the foreign exchange market, while gold prices rose modestly and risk aversion continued to increase at the start of the week. Market risks also continued to support gold prices as Pfizer's vaccine showed that the mutant strain is likely to bypass the vaccine, while the pandemic remains critical and restrictions or curfews are extended in some countries. GameStop, the highest-profile gaming event of the week, also spurred investors into action, with commodity-related risk aversion running high.
Gold was up 0.25 percent at $1, 852.80 by 8:30 a.m. in Hong Kong.
Fundamental analysis: global epidemic containment measures remain and vaccine distribution is challenged again
The latest news on the new coronavirus is depressing. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) has shown that its single dose of coronavirus is 66% effective overall in preventing Covid-19, while the vaccine appears to be less effective against other variants of the strain. "We are proud to have reached this critical milestone," Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky said in a statement. "Our commitment to addressing the global health crisis is an urgency for everyone around the world."
U.S. officials and Wall Street analysts are eagerly awaiting approval of J&J's vaccine, which could come as early as next month. Public health officials and infectious disease experts say world leaders need the family of drugs and vaccines to beat the novel coronavirus. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former F.D.A. chairman, called J&J's data excellent, saying on Twitter that J&J's vaccines provide sustained immune protection over time. He remains optimistic, saying: "Now that the disease environment is more complex and even trials in the US are seeing more mutations, there is no doubt that this is an important and wonderful development."
But Pfizer's vaccine chief executive has indicated that new crown strains are likely to bypass the vaccine in the future, stressing that the rollout is continuing despite delivery delays and that the hope is that immunity will boost growth in the second half of the year. Vaccine with or meet with difficulties, moreover, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Britain is a vaccine for the highest percentage of country, Britain's leading immunization is likely to turn to the worst, because last week the European Union accused astrazeneca's preference for the domestic market, and thus damage and the European Union contract, implementation of export restrictions by the vaccine.
Australia has announced a five-day embargo in the Porte area because of new coronavirus cases among hotel workers, which authorities fear may have come from Britain or South Africa. On the positive side, the number of new global coronavirus infections is now decreasing globally after pealing in early January, but admittedly, strict restrictive measures remain in place, particularly in Europe, where several countries have announced blockades or extended curfews for the entire month of February.
Fundamental analysis: Game Station set off the United States short foreign exchange risk aversion sentiment high
Back in the last week, Game Station shares have more than doubled to nearly $150 a share, pushing the company up 685% in January. It's worth noting that four months ago, the stock was worth just $6. Short sellers have lost more than $5 billion in market value so far this year on Game Station's explosive rally, according to S3 Partners. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the economic teams of U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Joe Biden are keeping a close eye on heavy shorting of GameStop and other stocks. She also added that the unusual trading is a good reminder to investors that the stock market is not the only measure of the country's economic health.
"I'm not cursing investors who bought GameStop," Cooperman explains. "I'm just saying that in my experience, this is going to end in tears. I don't own any stock in the company, but after a quick look at the financials, it turns out that the sales don't support the current stock price at these high levels."
Us brokerage, Robin Hood (Robinhood) suddenly announced that restrict users to buy the game station such as stock cause retail rage, more investors to formal legal action, Robin Hood users accused the brokerage in stock in the face of an unprecedented rise, choose the game station removed from its trading platform, has been suspected of deprivation investment platform customer agreement, and in violation of the provisions of the financial industry. To ensure that the readers can clearly know event, it is a group of gathered in Reddit BBS retail investors to buy shares with other game post company stock sent stocks soaring, the obvious target is shorting of hedge fund stock loss caused billions of dollars, and to make millions of dollars in profit.
In addition to Redditors' open letters, US celebrities and policy makers have denounced Robin Hood's restrictions, accusing brokerage trading platforms of trying to protect Wall Street's interests at the expense of smaller investors. Jake Chervinsky, a lawyer at the fintech company Compound, tweeted: "Robin Hood: Steal from the rich to help the poor. Robin Hood: The app to protect the rich from being squeezed by the poor."