Daily Commentary
Golden Group welcomes bull market in gold! Powell added another dove to pressure on U.S. debt and U.S. unemployment data sent the dollar tumbling 2021-04-09 US regulators are holding emergency meetings in the wake of another blow to the dollar's strength. The stranded cargo ship in the Suez Canal has returned to its normal course 2021-03-30 Gold recovery hopes high! U.S. inflation data showed that the weak push U.S. debt to fall Europe and the United States epidemic is inversely proportional to the risk of difficult to lead 2021-03-29 Gold rebound weak! The dollar and U.S. bonds strengthened pressure ahead of the outbreak of stimulus measures to support the rally 2021-03-26 Gold just surged to nearly $1,735! US Treasury yields hit one-week lows Central Europe Update: European countries summon Chinese ambassador North Korea launches two cruise missiles Powell's comments are coming again 2021-03-24 Gold Bullish! Weak U.S. bonds offset the dollar support geopolitics against the surge of high risk 2021-03-23 [Golden Group] What a shock! The Turkish lira plunged nearly 15% at one point, the sudden dismissal of the central bank governor triggered market turmoil safe-haven dollar strengthened, gold fell below $1,740 this week Powell's speech came in a flurry 2021-03-22 The latest news from the China-U.S. High-Level Dialogue! North Korea cuts diplomatic ties with Malaysia, calling the U.S. 'the mastermind' 2021-03-19 Another Golden Group rally! Gold nears $1,755 US Federal Reserve 'doves' cheer gold bulls China's big day: high-level meeting between the US and China China's ambassador to the US talks about high-level dialogue 2021-03-18 [Golden Group] 'Terror data' hits! Biden weighs up next big economic plan 2021-03-16 [Golden Group] This is a big week for the market! The US and China will hold high-level meetings as the situation in Myanmar worsens and protests have left 126 people dead 2021-03-15 Gold just short - term sharp drop, lost 1710 mark! Gold intraday analysis: The price of gold could drop nearly $20 more 2021-03-12 Gold just surged above $1,730! Biden's $1.9 Trillion Stimulation Plan approved Heavy news from US and China European Central Bank decision hit hard today 2021-03-11 A big news from China and the United States! Yellen to the market to eat a "reassurance" US stocks gold surge, the dollar down 2021-03-10 Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus package is on its last leg. Gold bulls' 'nightmare' may not end vigilance this factor sent the price of gold plunged further 2021-03-09 US Treasury yields continue to rise below 1715. Concerns remain that the market is overheating 2021-03-08 [Golden Group] Secretary of State Colin Powell The U.S. Senate is likely to take up Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus bill on Thursday 2021-03-04 [Golden Group] Another dive! Gold just short - term sharp drop close to $1710 index on 91 mark 2021-03-02 Explosions in the Middle East again! Bulls Break Out, Gold Near $1,750 Biden's $1.9 Trillion StimularPlan Big news over the weekend 2021-03-01 Treasury yields may break 2 percent as Fed downplays inflation. Gold is falling off a cliff! 2021-02-26